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2019 Divine Feminine Workshop

Divine Feminine Workshop

Divine Feminine Workshop

Divine Feminine Workshop

May 25



653 Ala Moana Blvd. Kaka’ako

Led by Marni of The Sacred Practice guest speaker Ke’oni Hanalei (Maui) from Pohala Hawaiian Botanicals

Welcome in the New Year of 2019, or as Joanna Macy describes, The Great Turning. Visionary teacher Joanna Macy describes this shift we are making into a life-sustaining culture, and it has three main components: Holding Actions, Innovative Structures and Shifts of Consciousness. How are you balancing all aspects of your life? What are your intentions and goals for 2019? What values and ways of living your life are steering your direction? Have you faced your shadow ego in the masculine and feminine aspects of self? Is your subconscious running the show? Let’s explore and heal together. This is the year to start it off with the intention and fire to light your flame.

Join us for this workshop and dive deep into SELF. Held from 3-6pm on Saturday, followed by a SoundMedicine evening from 7pm-8:30pm - ($20/fee is included), we will explore and practice together.

Total cost for entire workshop is $45 held at the historic Na Kupuna Makamae Center in Kaka’ako
Space is limited
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Read my latest feature in Hi Luxury Magazine! I am so proud to share my sound healing work with the O’ahu community. Thank you Na Kupuna Makamae for inviting me to be a part of your space. Join me at NKM in Kaka’ako for weekly Yoga and Sound Bath! Learn More

The Spirit of SOUND | HILUXURY - Hawaii Luxury Magazine

Sound is powerful. It can both simulate and calm the body and psyche. That's why bands play fight songs at football games and mothers sing lullabies to children. Recent research in the field of vibrational medicine suggests that certain sounds can help support relaxation, reduce stress and even promote healing.