The Sacred Practice

The most sacred journey is the one to discover yourself

Trust yourself, there is a reason why you are here, why you are curious, why you seeker a deeper connection- trust it......

As an Intuitive Energy Healer, & Teacher, Spiritual Ordained Minister, and Certified Yoga Teacher, I am able to combine these gifts and do Intuitive Energy Healing sessions. I have the ability to “see, hear and/or feel” energy –  and am able to read your energy systems, release stuck or blocked energy that is holding you back or causing dis-ease and replace it with more positive and beneficial energy. This will space will take you to a place of deep, profound healing. Working at this core level allows me to help you discover your fullest potential, and the highest vision for your life and gives you the ability to move forward. You’ll gain insight, clarity, and the tools you need to move forward to a life of peace, joy and wellness.

After a session clients often report feeling, lighter, freer, more focused, more in tune with with themselves, having a huge weight lifted and being more grounded.  Most importantly you will feel supported to make a transformative change in your life.

I will use a variety of techniques, based on your unique needs, including energy healing, past life regression, soul retrieval, entity clearing, grounding, energy boundaries and energy protection, yoga sutras, yoga mudra's and mantras and energetic exercises and routines - just to name a few.  This will allow a personalized designed session for your unique needs. All you have to do is relax, lie on the massage table (or if at home on a comfortable surface)  fully clothed but without your shoes and be open to possibilities of healing.

These sessions can address many issues including but not limited to pain and discomfort on all levels, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, illness, disease, feeling “stuck”, unbalanced, fatigue or “not like themselves” from picking up others negative energy.  I can gently bring harmony and balance back into your body to give it the ability to heal naturally.  Sessions are intimate and heartfelt—a safe place to relax, open, and feel. They are also timeless.


  • Reduce or Eliminate Pain or Disease
  • Clear energy blocks so you can “move forward”
  • Clear old beliefs that no longer serve you
  • Gain clarity and insight
  • Awakening your intuition and connection to your spirit guides
  • Transmute energy blocks, stagnant energies or emotions
  • Energize you
  • Remove toxins
  • Stress reduction, fear, worry, doubt, anger, anxiety, negative self-talk


Science and Modern Medicine are finally realizing what ancient times and hundreds of thousands of people already knew, that there is proof of the life changing power of energy healing. More and more doctors are starting to agree with them.  Over 800 hospitals in the United States now offer Reiki, Therapeutic Touch or some form of Energy Healing to their patients.

Energy exists in all living beings and things. We are all designed to be healthy and in harmony in our bodies and we each have the ability to access divine healing energy to live a life of joy and passion.