The Sacred Practice

The most sacred journey is the one to discover yourself



" Marni is an incredible healer.  In our healing sessions, she holds space for the sacred feminine energy to unfurl from the demands of everyday living and elicits unhealed emotional and relational aspects of my soul to be heard and understood on a deep level.  She is nurturing and caring and I truly appreciate her gifts."  - Candice Mata - Honolulu, Hawaii -

"I am going through a profound transition and deep grief, and although I recognized I need healing, I had no idea where, how, and how deeply.  Marni's calm knowing, gentle encouragement, and steadfast nurturing presence as a witness and guide allowed me to begin to grasp both the depths of my sorrow and need as well as the depths of my strength, purpose and vision.  She guided me to a place and gifted me the courage to deeply look and truly see my pain and loss, as well as my potential and path.  An incredible gift." - Tiffany Vara, Honolulu - Hawaii

"The insightful, healing wisdom of Marni truly became clear to me a week after my initial meeting with her, when changes she had put forth as coming absolutely manifested.  She reminded me that I had the strength and courage to face these changes; in this, I was able to embrace them.  Marni has a great strength to help us on our paths.  I look forward to our next meeting."  Jennifer Knight, San Francisco